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Upload Related Documents (PDF and Word Docs Only). Do not password protect.
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Note: you can choose to submit via document or video or both. If you upload a file, the video will not be a requirement. Otherwise, you need to add a video URL. If you upload a PDF or word document, do not password protect.

Submission Format

Submission via document

  1. Submission must be in English or Bahasa Malaysia;
  2. Submission must be submitted electronically in PDF or Microsoft Word document (.doc or docx) format. The participant must ensure the submitted files are free from viruses, macros and malwares. Submissions that contain viruses, macros and malwares may be rejected. Submission in any other formats will be rejected;
  3. Every submission should consist of the following:
    • Title Page – Title of the Problem Statement followed by the Title of the Solution
    • A brief summary of the proposed Solution
    • The proposed Solution must not be less than 1000 words
    • Every page of the document should be numbered
    • No hard copies of submission are required

Submission via video

  1. Entry via video must be submitted in the English language or Bahasa Malaysia language
  2. Entry video should consist of the following:
    • Title of the Problem Statement followed by the Title of the Solution
    • A brief synopsis of the video
  3. The video must be uploaded to and the privacy settings of the video must be changed to Unlisted. Please refer on the steps to change your privacy settings.
  4. The URL of the video must be provided together with the submission
  5. Audio quality must be clear – on site audio feed or narration is allowed
(SMX Program Terms and Conditions)
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The SMX Solutions Program by Steinbeis Malaysia Foundation provides a platform for Malaysian companies to find solutions to their industrial problems. Many companies come across a myriad of problems which cannot be solved internally, due to lack of resources. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring consultants can be exorbitant. Steinbeis Malaysia Foundation provides assistance by crowdsourcing for solutions to address specific problem statements via print and social media.