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About Us


The Steinbeis network of transfer orientated centers specializes in making a whole spectrum of the latest technology and management insights available to customers. Steinbeis transfers competitive knowledge and technology into business, for the benefit of large companies and individual entrepreneurs alike.

Companies as well as individuals working with the Steinbeis Network rub shoulders with leading experts in their field, specialists in helping industrialists overcome all types of challenges, from initial hurdles in research and development, to consulting and the development of human resources. Steinbeis' mission is to foster effective and efficient cooperation between the world of science and academia on the one hand, and trade and business on the other. Steinbeis does this by making available knowledge and technology from the source, always in keeping with the competitive market practice.

We believe in decentralizing as much as possible, and only centralizing what is absolutely necessary. This contrasting approach forms the crux of the Steinbeis Foundation’s strength. Our organization is geared to decentralized operations. So each Steinbeis Enterprise as the smallest unit in our network is headed up by the individual manager, who is in charge of what is called either a transfer center, a consulting center, a research or innovation center, a transfer institute or simply a GmbH (German limited liability company). Underpinning the Steinbeis hierarchy are a small number of standard formal procedures. But overall, this approach – delegating entrepreneurial responsibility while at the same time providing general pointers – allows Steinbeis to safeguard and promote its long-term success as an enterprise.

Managers of each Enterprise, the majority of whom are professors at knowledge and technology sources, see themselves as problem solvers at the disposal of trade and industry. On behalf and in cooperation with their client – a company from industry – they arrive at comprehensive, customer-orientated solutions to each problem. Steinbeis’ success is rooted in the added value we give our partners and customers.


  Last Updated Date :: 07-01-2019