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Steinbeis Innovation Voucher


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  • Steinbeis Innovation Voucher (STIV) is essentially a matching innovation grant provided by Steinbeis Malaysia Foundation (STMY) to carry out technical and non technical research for industry players who engage Steinbeis Malaysia Foundation to help solve their industrial problems
  • The STIV could be redeemed against the cost of scientific services, development or production of a product, service or process
    • e.g. technology and market research, feasibility studies, materials studies, design studies., design engineering, service engineering, prototype construction, product testing for quality assurance, etc

STIV Eligibility Criteria

  • As highlighted, the STIV is solely reserved for locally owned companies - 51% Malaysian owned.
  • Further to this, the STIV will be primarily offered to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that require financial assistance to resolve their industrial problems or necessitate assistance from Steinbeis’s pool of experts. Steinbeis pool of experts comes from academia, research institutions and individual subject matter experts.

STIV Process Flow

Key Advantages of STIV

  • Large corporate or industry corporations in Malaysia usually have their in-house research center and employ their own researchers.
  • Small Medium Enterprises or SME’s might have restricted financial capacity compared to larger corporations. The STIV would be an advantage for SME’s to address this financial gap and allow them to engage Steinbeis’ experts to solve their industrial issues.
  • In this regard, the STIV essentially provides financial assistance to SMEs to engage Steinbeis’ subject matter experts.
  • In addition, the STIV minimizes the risk invested by the SMEs whenever they hire these subject matter experts. Steinbeis Malaysia Foundation will equally take responsibility for each collaboration project between the SME and subject matter expert – financially and non-financially.
  • Further to this, via the STIV matching grant, requests by industries to solve their issues could be immediately initiated – and negates the need for the SMEs to fully invest at the initial phase.

How To Apply


  Last Updated Date :: 07-05-2019